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Castleisland AFC


Website last updated: 20 Mar, 2015 @ 11:15


Club History

Castleisland AFC was founded in1973, by Georgie O'Callaghan and Mike Tappy Conway, and we have played in a number of fields since our inception amongst them being the Canon's field behind the Presbytery (now Talbot Grove) where we played from 1976 until 1993 when the building and land were sold, we then moved to Buckley Park out the Scartaglen road, then onto the Killarney road, then onto the Riocht before we finally settled in our present field on the Killarney road across from the Desmond's GAA field. We have been in the top Division in the Kerry District League for most our years since we were formed we were demoted from the top flight in the 80's but were promoted back after at three seasons, during the 90's again we we re relegated but Johnny Sullivan led us back into the Premier in1998 where we remained until 2005 when we were relegated but Mike Brosnan returned as manager and led us back into the Premier Division the following season and we have remained their since, our 1st team are presently in third place in the Denny Premier A, our 2nd team are second in Denny Division 1B, our youth team are forth in the Kerry Biofuels u17 league, our u15 team are forth in their division and our u13 are third in their league Achievements 1975-76 Munster Junior Cup Champions 1978-79 League Division 1 Champions (now the Premier league) 1978-79 Greyhound Bar Cup winners 1991-92 Youth Cup winners 1997-98 Hennerbery's Reserve Cup winners 2005-2006 Tommy Healy Cup winners 2007-2008 Denny Division 2 winners 2008-09 Castle Bar Cup winners 2009-10 Over 35 League winners 2010-11 Castle Bar Cup winners 2010-11 Over 35 Reserve Cup winners