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Eastbrook Harriers F.C

Website last updated: 25 Feb, 2015 @ 16:04

Match Report


Eastbrook Harriers F.C

Jacob Quinton (2)

Tue 20 Apr 2010




Star player: Jacob Quinton

Westwood Old Boys

what a win! battling display topped with two goals from man of the match Jacob Quinton, we were back to our fighting never give up selves to topple Westwood from the title chase. Now we need to repeat the feat in sundays return game at Mayfield and the following week against Ice to give us a chance of a top three finish.
This win came on the back of 8 players being stuck in traffic, 4 making it 5 minutes before kick off, 3 20 minutes into the game and one not at all, so we started with 10 players and with the effort put in match Westwood all the way till Shane came on to even the numbers up
Final note, good debut from Matt McAllister, time now to push on into the team Matt, you have the talent if you want to get upto this level

Starting line up

  • 1

    Dave Guy

    Match rating: 7

  • 3

    Adrian Mcintee

    Match rating: 7

  • 6

    Ben Blackburn

    Match rating: 7

  • 5

    Shane Light

    Match rating: 7

  • 9

    Mikey Hunt

    Match rating: 7

  • 54

    Jason Owen

    Match rating: 7

  • 8

    Gavin Muldowney

    Match rating: 7

  • 7

    Donovan Lynch

    Match rating: 7

  • 19

    Jacob Quinton

    Match rating: 8

  • 10

    Sam Crawford

    Match rating: 7

  • 40

    Matt McAllister

    Match rating: 7


  • 33

    Nick Pearce

    Match rating: 7

  • 17

    Chris Lowe

    Match rating: 7

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