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Jubilee Dragons FC


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Match Report


Jubilee Dragons Jaguars

Jack Parry (1)

Thomas Omar (1)

Sat 06 Oct, 2012




Star player: Jonah Holmes

Colwyn Bay FC

We started the with Jonah, Matthew, Alex, Callum, Tom, Zander and Rooney. The boys started off really badly conceeding 8 goals in 11 minutes. They never closed down the opposition quick enough and gave them too much time on the ball. We took Alex and Zander off to be replaced by Ryan and Jack and for the remainder of the first half we kept a clean sheet.

The second half started a bit brighter until four minutes in when Colwyn Bay scored again and our heads went down. We then conceeded another a minute later. Tom then went on a run and practically walked the ball in to make it 11 - 1. We conceeded another five before we scored again with Jack on the back post to blast the ball home.

The boys played well but I think this was a bit of a shock to their system.

We are going to concentrate on closing the opposition down a lot quicker and passing in the next training session.

I must mention the fantasic saves Jonah pulled off (The next De Gea we hope) and brilliant defending from Matthew Mason. Keep up the good work boys!! 

Well played boys, don't let the score put you down. Forget about it and look forward to the next one. It's all part of learning the game. You will benefit more from that game than Colwyn Bay will.        

Starting line up

  • Jonah Holmes

    Match rating: 9

  • Matthew Mason

    Match rating: 8

  • Callum Chambers

    Match rating: 7

  • Zander Strickett

    Match rating: 7

  • Thomas Omar

    Match rating: 7

  • Jack Parry

    Match rating: 7

  • Rooney Moore

    Match rating: 8

  • Ryan Bisby

    Match rating: 7

  • Alex Almond

    Match rating: 7

    No information available.
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