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Lane Ends F.C.


Website last updated: 9 Mar, 2015 @ 14:27

Club Cashback

Populus Live Surveys

Completion of survey 42p

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SIM request 13p

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UK Forex

Completed and active registration £12.50

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Flight £2.50, Accommodation bookings 2.5%, Flight & Accommodation combined 1.5%, Other purchases 1.5%

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Home Exchange

Membership sign up for 12 months £11.25, Membership sign up for 3 months £5.25

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New Customer Approved transfer £7.50

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Smartwatches 2%, Kitchen accessories 2%, Utensils and gadgets 2%, Tablets & EReaders 1.5%, Software 1.5%, Purchases 1%

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Radisson Blu

Bookings 6%

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West End tickets 3%, Get Me In! tickets 2%, Standard tickets 1.5%, Special Events 1%

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