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FA outlines new approach to youth development

The Football Association today outlined their plans for a new approach to youth development in England, including some “radical” changes to the structure of the grassroots game.

The FA’s Young Player Development Review, established after England’s failure at the 2010 World Cup, includes 25 recommendations to improve the game from top to bottom.

FA Young Player Development Review – 25 recommendations

These are the 25 recommendations that the FA are proposing to help improve the English game at all levels:

1. Agreed mandatory pathway for grassroots youth football playing formats
2. Promotion of The Future Game as a best practice guide to player development

Let’s kick sexism out of football

A new film has been released in response to the sexism debate that has engulfed football this week.

The film features a number of women explaining the offside rule, a light-hearted response to the row that was sparked when Richard Keys and Andy Gray suggested that women didn’t understand the rule.

Sportsmatch re-opens with improvements for 2011

Grassroots sports organisations across England were today urged to look at how they could benefit from Sport England’s Sportsmatch programme, which has been re-launched for 2011-12.

Sportsmatch is one of the most popular programmes run by Sport England – the government agency charged with building the foundations of sporting success – and, for the coming year, they have made it even easier for those in need to apply for help from the Sportsmatch programme.

Progress FC 1 – Old Boys Club 0

Football is all about winners and losers – just ask Richard Keys and Andy Gray.

It may take some time for the dust to fully settle on the sexism row that exploded after the pair’s sexist comments about a female official, but the former Sky Sports duo have been left in little doubt as to the losers of the piece. But who are the winners?

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