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Who’s up for a game of Football Football?

Do you think kids football is sometimes taken too seriously? Are you fed up of seeing young footballers waiting on the touchline to get a game or stuck out on the wing waiting for a touch of the ball?

If so, then you’ll no doubt be interested to hear about ‘Football Football’, a new national football programme that aims to make the game fun for kids.

So… where does English football go from here?

Now the dust has settled on England’s World Cup debacle, Club Website editor Dan Pope looks at where the national game goes from here and asks what can be done at all levels of the game to help turn things around.

Graham Poll leads calls for penalty goals

Former FIFA referee and Club Website columnist Graham Poll has called on the game’s lawmakers to introduce a new ‘penalty goal’ to prevent the sort of cheating that helped Uruguay qualify for the World Cup semi-final.

Got a question on football? Put it to the masses!

Want to settle a debate with a team mate but need some serious numbers to back you up?

Want to put a question to the vote with an audience of thousands waiting to respond? Well Club Website gives you just that chance!

Glasgow City Cup – join in the action!

Fancy testing yourselves against some of the best youth football teams in Scotland and beyond?

Well this summer you have the chance… it’s the Glasgow City Cup!

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