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Progress FC 1 – Old Boys Club 0

Football is all about winners and losers – just ask Richard Keys and Andy Gray.

It may take some time for the dust to fully settle on the sexism row that exploded after the pair’s sexist comments about a female official, but the former Sky Sports duo have been left in little doubt as to the losers of the piece. But who are the winners?

Unite against the “gobby morons” with Respect FC

The English Football Association has taken an off-beat step in their mission to improve behaviour in football by launching its own football club, Respect FC.

The new club isn’t aiming for silverware but to unite fans against the ugly side of the beautiful game to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all involved.

Funding boost for two Club Website football clubs

Two football clubs with websites powered by Club Website are ready to step up to the next level after celebrating funding boosts from the Football Foundation in recent weeks.

Lancashire’s Oswaldtwistle St Mary’s FC and Hampshire’s Ringwood Town FC are both looking forward to increasing opportunities at their football clubs following the cash injection from the UK’s largest sports charity.

Would a summer game help the grassroots grow?

As Sam Allardyce leads the calls for a summer season for junior and youth football at grassroots level, three-quarters of Club Website members say they would welcome change to current timetable.

Club Website editor Dan Pope takes a look at the issue.

Football and Me – Ben Shephard

In the December edition of The Club House, Club Website editor Dan Pope spoke to Sky Sports’ big summer signing, Ben Shephard, about the beautiful game in the first of a new series, ‘Football and Me’.

We hear about what it’s like to swap the comfy sofa of GMTV for a place in the football spotlight, playing the game a bit like a rugby player, working with Chris Kamara, technology in football and just what it’s like to tackle Zinedine Zidane.

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