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Five officials experiment gets the thumbs up

Referees. Football’s favourite fall guy. Everyone’s favourite scapegoat. The person that everyone loves to moan about. Fair comments surely?

Rightly or wrongly, referees are not exactly showered in love and praise in the modern game, but it turns out you lot want even more of them to oversee your football matches!

The football revolution – onwards and upwards!

It’s been a few months now since we launched the new look Club Website kicked off the football revolution. We asked you guys to name your revolution and tell us what you would change about football in this country if you were in charge. The response was awesome. Now onwards and upwards!

Diving – not just a professional hazard

If you’ve got a game of football this weekend, don’t forget your scuba gear… chances are you’ll come across some diving!

A recent Club Website poll found that over three quarters of you have witnessed players taking a dive in your grassroots games, showing that it’s not just the professionals who are up to dirty tricks.

Ukraine crowned Homeless World Cup champions

Ukraine were crowned Homeless World Cup champions last night after a thrilling finish to the Milan 2009 tournament.

A 5-4 victory over Portugal in a thrilling final was enough to clinch the title and crown Ukraine as the seventh winners of the tournament that gives people who are homeless the opportunity to change their own lives.

Lewis Hamilton to make pit stop as Homeless World Cup heats up

Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton will take a pit stop tour of the Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup tomorrow (Thursday).

In Italy for the Grand Prix at Monza this weekend, the British driver will stop by to support the annual tournament which uses football to energise homeless people to change their lives and one with which Club Website is proud to be a partner.

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