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Poll result: Penalty goals get thumbs up

The majority of the grassroots football community want to see “penalty goals” used as a punishment for deliberate goal-line handballs, despite FIFA president Sepp Blatter ruling out such a rule change.

A poll of over 5,700 Club Website members found 61 percent in favour of a new rule, joining widespread calls from the footballing world in the wake of Uruguayan Luis Suarez’s deliberate handball which denied Ghana a historic place in the World Cup semi-finals.

If you could do one thing to improve the next generation of British footballers?

The subject of youth development has been right at the forefront of the grassroots football agenda over recent weeks, with some fantastic ideas thrown around.

It feels like there’s a willingness from across the game to get the problem sorted now, so we want to know what one thing you would do to improve the next generation of British footballers.

Your say: British youth football ’40 years out of date’

Since Club Website editor Dan Pope assessed the impact of England’s World Cup exit on the grassroots game, a number of you have had your say with some strong and insightful comments on the subject.

You’ve highlighted many areas of concern, covering everything from the ‘money culture’ at the top of the game to the quality of grassroots coaching; from the size and structure of kids’ small-sided football to the state of grassroots facilities.

Who’s up for a game of Football Football?

Do you think kids football is sometimes taken too seriously? Are you fed up of seeing young footballers waiting on the touchline to get a game or stuck out on the wing waiting for a touch of the ball?

If so, then you’ll no doubt be interested to hear about ‘Football Football’, a new national football programme that aims to make the game fun for kids.

So… where does English football go from here?

Now the dust has settled on England’s World Cup debacle, Club Website editor Dan Pope looks at where the national game goes from here and asks what can be done at all levels of the game to help turn things around.

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