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h what’s happening on the World Wide Web… at least, if your choice of club website provider is anything to go by then you’re bang up to speed!

If you are among the millions of people out there using Facebook and Twitter, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now keep up to date with everything going on at Club Website via these two popular outlets.

Club Website’s lucky 80 look forward to the LSPL

So, was your team one of the lucky 80?

The draw for the 2009/10 Lucozade Sport Performance League (LSPL) was announced on talkSPORT radio yesterday afternoon as 80 club website teams got the good news they’ve been hoping for this summer – a season long sponsorship from Lucozade Sport and a place in the most exciting virtual league out there.

Do the right thing or take the luck and run?

It’s not very often that football throws up a moral dilemma but, following Crystal Palace’s ‘goal’ that never was, there’s been one up for discussion this week.

If your opposition score a goal that everyone sees apart from the match officials, should you do the right thing or just get on with the game?

How many showers does it take to clean a football team?

Amusing football story of the day: Premier League new boys Burnley told to upgrade changing rooms as they are not big enough to cope with a football team’s needs.

With almost every preview of Manchester United’s visit to Turf Moor focussing on the conditions that will await Sir Alex Ferguson’s men rather than the game itself, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the champions of England were turning out on Hackney Marshes.

Sir Bobby Robson – an example to us all

The sad news that Sir Bobby Robson lost his battle with cancer on Friday has left a huge hole in the football community.

Robson summed up everything that is good about football and every one of us involved in the game can learn something from a man that will be sadly missed.

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