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Old Stretfordians AFC


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Match Report



Daniel Mooney (1)

Jake Kilcullen (2)

Luke Wentland (1)

Sun 12 Sep, 2010




Star player: Adam Wilson

Alderley Athletic

We were expecting a difficult match, against an Alderley team which had led the league for a considerable time last season, eventually finishing third.

Alderley got off to a decent start, with both Luke and Tyrele having to make strong defensive tackles.

Niall was also tested by a long range shot that he did well to save, the two Aldeley forwards seemed very confident in shooting from distance.

With a fantastic strike from the wing, one of the tall Alderley forwards scored a crcking goal from the wing to make it 1-0.

Alderley the went on to control much of the possession, particularly in midfield, but the Lions were still looking dangerous in bursts.

Jahmarly won a free kick on the edge of the area, which Daniel M pushed across the face of the box to Scott, who went narrowly over the bar with a shot struck from outside the area.

But Alderley were also looking dangerous, and a well threaded through ball found the striker ruuning through on goal, with another thunderous finish gave Niall no chance, 2-0.

We really had to step up our game if we were to get anything out the match, and the second goal brought a positive response.

Firstly, a well delivered Jahmarly corner was met by a firm Scott header which the keeper did brilliantly to stop hitting the back of the net.

Scott again then brought out another good save from the Alderley goalie, with a rasping shot.

Then yet again Jahmarly made a brilliant cross from the wing which Daniel M did well to get on the end of with a head, the ball was bound for the net until yet again the Alderley number 1, made a tremendous stop.

However, it seemed like just a matter of time before the Lions converted one of the goal scoring chances, with Daniel M smashing a great shot of the underside of the bar, from a Scott corner-2-1, we were back in it.

Alderley were not disheartened and Niall had to do really well to come of his line quickly and get the ball away from an Alderley forward with his feet.

Half time, and the message was forget the first ten, and keep it up!

Adam W hit a cracking shot that crept just past the post, in the first few minutes of the half, and things were looking promising.

Daniel M was now on fire as he made the right backs life hellish, at one point Daniel M took on four Alderley men, who still could not dispossess him. While Adam W was really starting to pull the strings in midfield hitting passes into the Alderley defensive gaps, probing the Cheshire boys for weaknesses.

Adam G then came very, very close to levelling hitting the underside of the bar, with Scott narrowly having the rebound saved.

Niall was still being called upon, making a good save over the bar after a mazy Alderley dribble.

Then finally the equaliser came, with Adam W pushing an early ball into the path of James who hit a clever ball to Jake, who's finish outside the box, was, no other word for this-superb. Jake chipped the keeper, who this time knew he was beat 2-2.

Alderley still kept pushing and Niall yet again had to save cleverly from an Alderley free kick.

But Alderley were not the only side that were having chances, Scott nearly scored from a clever shot from outside the area that sneaked past the post.

Then after more pressure from the Lions the breakthrough came, Tyrele found Jake in the box, who made no mistake, to make it 3-2, what a turn around!

The score nearly went to 4-2, with Luke causing all sorts of problems in the Cheshire box, and a melee ensued and we were all left wondering how it did not go in the net!

Then Scott won the ball in midfield, who found Jake, who pushed the ball into the box, where Luke gleefully despatched the box into the net befor the keeper even moved!

Just before the end Alderley scored another smashing goal from a free kick near the corner flag, to make the final score 4-3. Well done Lions!

Starting line up

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    Niall Cassidy

    Match rating: 0

    Niall Cassidy-Goalkeeper- Niall has put together a string of impressive performances, he is an impressive shot stopper and has a massive kick out. Niall is also a very brave lad who has already shown how valuable he is to the team, since he joined...

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    Tyrele Frost

    Match rating: 0

    Tyrell has all the attributes, we missed last season. Not only is he a great ball player, he has a never say die attitude, and never gives an opposing player an inch, with his bone crunching tackles and determined style. All this and he is playing...

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    James Wilkinson

    Match rating: 0

    James Wilkinson-Defender- James possesses a left foot like a wand, he is able to spot passes that others would not be able to see or complete. He has particularly perfected the technique of running in one direction, while being able to hit a pass ...

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    Thomas Cooksey

    Match rating: 0

    Thomas Cooksey-Defender-hugely dependable as a stopper, making waves as a top defender, showing great strength with his organisational play and seems to be able to always have time on the ball, showing some fancy footwork!

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    Luke Wentland

    Match rating: 0

    Luke Wentland-Forward- an infleuntial player, who has demonstrated pace and skill coupled with the ability to score important goals, at the right times over the last few seasons. Luke has also proved a valuable option at the back, moving there at ...

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    Scott McNeill

    Match rating: 0

    Scott is a very talented midfielder, who has allied great technique to a steely determination to succeed. Scott has a wand like left foot that conjures up some fantastic play. Scott must have a big trophy cabinet at home, as he has won many trophi...

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    Jahmarly Frost

    Match rating: 0

    Jahmarly Frost-midfield-An instinctive attacking midfileder who couples tenacity with great ability. Literally rips apart full backs, with speed and skill. Also has an eye for goal. Has a ferocious shot and also works very hard for the team.

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    Adam Wilson

    Match rating: 0

    Adam Wilson-Midfield- a thoroughbred midfielder, great pace, strength and technique, sets Adam apart from opposition midfielders. He has scored some excellent goals from long distance thunderbolts, to mazy dribbled finishes. Has a throw like a mis...

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    Daniel Callaghan

    Match rating: 0

    Daniel Callaghan-Defender-a natural reader of the game, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, sweeping up any mistakes or opposing attacks. His speed and bravery have more than contributed to us conceding so few goals over t...

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    Daniel Mooney

    Match rating: 0

    Dan Mooney-Winger-Daniel has a �great box of tricks� that often leaves opposition defenders on their backside! If they don�t get sold a dummy, opposition defenders cannot catch up with Dan�s turbo speed. He scored some fantast...

Substitutes used

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    Jake Kilcullen


    Match rating: 0

    Jake Kilcullen-Forward/Right midfield-Jake joined from Meadowside last season after spending several years at his former club, he settled in quickly and well, showing great technique coupled with a good sense of positional play, both up front and ...

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