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Wimborne Town Youth F.C


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Match Report


Lytchett Red Triangle

Sun 26 Sep 2010




Star player: Thomas Cartwright-Terry *

Daniel Osborne (1)

Hugo Bielecki (1)

Thomas Cartwright-Terry * (3)

It was a clear but fresh September morning when the Magpies travelled to Lytchett to face Lytchett Red Triangle.

The Magpies were without Antony who is very important to their defensive play.

Starting Line up:

GK: Nat
CD: Chopper (Captain)
DF/DMF: Lambo
LMF: Hugo
AMF: Tombo
CF: Miles

Chopper won the coin-toss and elected to kick-off, downhill for the first half. It started very brightly for Wimborne as they found their range of passing very quickly and asserted themselves on the game.

The ball looked glued to JT’s feet on the right as he twisted and turned through all the red shirts and Hugo ruled the left hand side, making many penetrating runs.

It was Tombo who opened the scoring with a perfectly placed shot into the top left corner from outside the area.

The first half was all Magpies as they passed and moved brilliantly down the pitch, creating chance after chance. The Lytchett Keeper was in very impressive form and showed very safe hands, keeping the Maggies out.

Hugo made a determined run from the left side and played a clever ball into Miles. Miles then laid a neat pass back to Hugo, who battled his way past the defence and the keeper to claim his second goal for his team.

Tombo, Miles, Hugo and JT were very much in control of the first half, leaving the defence very little to do. Lambo, who was covering for Antony ensured that very little got passed him when Lytchett tried to get the ball up field. A very assured performance from Lambo.

Chopper only had to make two challenges in the first half and did so brilliantly.

The half time whistle went and the Magpies midfield were very, very impressive.

The second half saw a number of changes for Wimborne:

GK: Nat
DC: Chopper (Captain)
DC/DMF: Lambo
RMF: Tombo
LMF: Miles
AMF: Spudley
CF: Ozzy

Lytchett were now shooting downhill and soon put the Magpies under pressure. Nat and Chopper saw more of the ball with both being efficient and determined in their jobs. Lambo continued to put up a great defensive display as he sat in front of the defence and cut nearly everything out, getting good distance on his headers, tackling brilliantly and passing accurately.

Tombo created space for himself and took a long range shot, which was brought an amazing save by the Lytchett stopper, but was parried in front of Ozzy. Not being in a position to score himself, he played a good ball back to Miles, who span and hit it well, but this time the keeper was able to smother the ball. It was a great move by Wimborne as all the players involved showed good creativity and an awareness of where their team-mates were.

Chopper was distributing well from the back and was getting good distance to his clearances and Nat did well to keep up his concentration, handling the ball well when he was required. Nat’s goal kicks were particularly impressive.

Spudley made a couple of speculative shots from distance and was unlucky not to get onto the score sheet. He also made a number of good passes, which created lots of openings for the Maggies to exploit. One such opening fell to Tombo who scored a great goal from the tightest of angles. A great goal for the Magpies.

Tombo soon found himself on the score sheet yet again after another great piece of team play by the Maggies. It was another well taken shot from just inside the area that left the Lytchett keeper no chance.

Miles greatly impressed on the left as he battled hard for the ball and his ever improving ball control and dribbling excited the crowd. It was another one of his runs that set Tombo up for another shot at goal, but this time it was handled by a Lytchett defender in the area before it hit the back of the net.

Ozzy stepped up to take the resulting penalty and placed it calmly to the bottom right corner. A well taken penalty from the dependable Ozzy and an even greater goal celebration!

Lytchett never gave up to the very end and played very credibly, but the final whistle went and the Wimborne Players were jubilant. A fantastic show for the travelling fans.

Special mention today goes to the midfield, who passed the ball accurately and fluently, ensuring the Magpies had most of the possession.

Individually, Lambo played brilliantly in the defender/defensive midfielder role, putting everything into his tackling and running. Miles’ positioning and passing has come a long way and he was in devastating form, playing clever little one-twos, getting the ball under control and positioning himself like a professional on the pitch. Miles has put a lot of effort into his training recently and it is obviously paying dividends. Finally Tombo, for his range of passing, tackling, commitment and of course increasing his goal tally. The midfield maestro was key to all the Magpies best moves yet again.

We now look forward to the Magpies next home game against Oakford United.

Well done you Maggies!

Starting line up

  • 1

    Nathaniel Kidner

    Match rating: 9

  • 5

    Harris Dewsnap *

    Match rating: 9

  • 8

    Jamie Lambert

    Match rating: 10

  • 9

    Thomas Cartwright-Terry *

    Match rating: 10

  • 2

    Daniel Osborne

    Match rating: 10

  • 14

    Aiden Bessant

    Match rating: 9

  • 10

    Joshua Troke

    Match rating: 9

  • 7

    Hugo Bielecki

    Match rating: 9

  • 6

    Miles Bielecki

    Match rating: 10

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